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Reproduction order

Please specify as precisely as possible: title, author, creator of the collection, year, edition, book mark, inventory number, archive box, ZPH, HIN etc.
Please note that a permission by the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus has to be obtained in case of a commercial or academic use. We reserve the right to refuse the issue of a publication permit. To request permission for publication, please make further specifications of the type of use.
Reproduction fees
Standard resolution scan (150 dpi, jpg, object size up to DIN A1) 1,50 EUR
High resolution scan (400 dpi, tiff, object size up to DIN A1) 5,00 EUR
Poster scan (400 dpi, tiff, object size up to DIN A1) 40,00 EUR
Posters and other objects exceeding DIN A1 format (400 dpi, tiff) 80,00 EUR
Printing service (b/w, up to DIN A3) 0,20 EUR per page (plus charges for the scan)

Postage fees, if applicable, are charged per order according to the postal charges of the Österreichische Post AG. Any occuring bank charges are on account of the customer.

Publication fees (does not equal a compensation of copyright)
Usage of up to 10 images in a book, a journal, the internet or an exhibition 50,00 EUR
Usage of more than 10 images in a book, a journal, the internet or an exhibition 100,00 EUR
Usage of images on the front page or cover 100% surcharge
Usage in film or television productions 100,00 EUR
Usage on commercial posters, calendars, flyers or sales catalogues 200,00 EUR
Usage in advertisements (print media or online) 300,00 EUR
Conservation compensation in case of loans for the production of commercial facsimiles of whole books 100,00 EUR per book
This reproduction order is obligatory. We reserve the right to refuse orders - e.g. for conservational reasons. All reproductions with the type of use "personal" are exclusively intended for personal use. Transfer to third parties is not allowed. For reproductions purposed for publication, permission for publication has to be obtained. The costumer has to be considerate property, personal and other rights himself/herself.

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